Bal Mandir

About Bal Mandir

Day-care centers were among the first steps taken by Pujya Anuben Thakkar to give basic hygiene, food, and education to children from remote tribal villages.

Starting with one center in 1989, Muni Seva Ashram now runs a network of 15day-care centers, and 408children benefit from this service today. As these centers are located in very small villages, sometimes of only 25 households or less, there are only around 25 kids in a center.

This nursery school service is free for every child whose parents cannot afford basic health care and education.

The program is child-centered and activity-oriented, and all participating children benefit from:

        milk and two nutritious meals a day,

        Montessori-modelled education that integrates play, music, dance, and storytelling,

        biannual health check-ups, and medical supplies such as syrups, tablets, and eye drops every month,

        a Health Card with records of illnesses, treatments, and vaccinations,

        activity-based lessons in adapting to various learning environments,

        age-appropriate development of fundamental skills and ,

        a rewarding feeling of self-esteem, confidence, and independence,

        lessons on how to respect others and value unity in a multicultural society,

        Adoption of healthy habits and safe practices, both at home and outside, and

        complete treatment at one of our hospitals, at little or no charge, if diagnosed with a major illness


Each center has one teacher and one assistant, and all of our staff benefit from:

        participation in annual camps organized by Gujarat Vidyapeeth, where teachers from across the state of Gujarat come together and share ideas for personal and professional development,

        monthly training and awareness camps,

        sabbaticals in the schools in the cities to discover ways to teach better, and

        participating in 6-month and one-year  formal pre-primary teacher training programs.

Many of our teachers and senior staff have received state- and national  level awards.

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